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Search Firms play a key role in making the idea of DEI in senior positions a permanent feature in the corporate world.

The idea of DEI comes from having a workplace with a diversified set of people, with different points of view, new leadership styles, and dynamic work culture, appeals to every organization. It is no wonder then that most companies looking to hire, seek out attitudes of DEI in senior positions. They seek people with different backgrounds, mixed ethnicities, with unique life experiences, that can make the workspace a powerhouse of talent.

There are various methods of implementing diversity, equity and inclusion. However, we wish to make it simpler to understand the advantages of implementing DEI.

The Diversity mindset in major corporates today:

The acceptability of DEI in senior positions can help organizations get the right amount of diverse people with unique skill sets. To add, we also have many other demarcations, for example, race, gender, ethics, age, physical abilities, and ideologies. Thus, for hiring the right mix of people, HR is very conscious of the right employee basket, which would reap benefits for all.

Some corporates have specialized and fixed numbers reserved for hiring physically challenged employees, which is an outpour of the mind-set of DEI in senior positions. KFC in India has special outlets completely managed by the deaf and dumb. The interactions are just brilliant, and they serve with a smile, thus getting appreciation. Vodafone India also has a fixed percentage of hiring physically challenged and blind employees. Such an employee mix brings a sense of pride to everyone and directly showcases the true human cause of oneness, and that each employee is valuable no matter how different they are.

The Diversity- Inclusion interplay-

Let us now switch to inclusion and its interconnectedness to Diversity. Inclusion connotes that every individual has the freedom and opportunity to contribute, support, and influence across all levels. This sense of belonging makes the workplace a safe ground where each employee can bring about their own ideas, creativity and uniqueness to the fore. Infusion of DEI in senior positions make the employees feel equal in all ways regardless of which department, level, or sector they are in.

Prevalent research-

A balanced, congenial workplace directly leads to higher employee satisfaction. A motivated and happy workforce affects the company’s profits and growth. If the organization does not value an employee’s ideas or contributions, they would eventually leave. Many corporates have seen these attritions in the past few years. Research by the Great Places ( to work mentions that when employees trust that they and their colleagues will be treated fairly regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or age, they are-

  1. 9.8 times more likely to look forward to going to work
  2. 6.3 times more likely to have pride in their work
  3. 5.4 times more likely to want to stay a long time at their company

How does an organization hire employees keeping in mind the DEI in senior positions? A few rounds of interviews and interactions might need not get you the right staff as one could expect. However, a general opinion and view with some situations discussed could give us a more holistic view of the candidate. There must be a 3 to 6 months evaluation to see how they have fared, especially when it comes to DI. The KRAs thereof should have some weightage for DI.

The pandemic has already alerted us how certain events could hamper businesses, but at the same time, it has given us valuable lessons too. While working from home, if an employee feels connected to the organization, they will surely give their 100% and this is where DEI comes into play. Only an employee who feels a valuable part of the organization will contribute wholeheartedly to the organization.

So, if diversity is the variety, inclusion is how this mix functions as a unit to deliver. Some facts based on research by are-

  • Businesses with a healthy balance of men and women are 21% more likely to outperform their competitors
  • Businesses with a good mix of ethnic backgrounds are 33% more likely to outperform their competitors.
  • Teams that are gender, age and ethnically diverse make better decisions up to 87% of the time.

Organisation leaders – the torchbearers of the DEI mindsets-

The most prevalent atmosphere in most organizations is the top-down mindset. Therefore, having senior leaders with a thorough DEI mindset enables this to trickle down easily to the whole enterprise, making it a more visible and adaptable feature. This is the role played by executive search firms, such as us, to analyze the aspect of DEI in senior positions.

When something is spoken about frequently, it becomes more acceptable and the truth. This is where the interplay of search firms and DEI comes to the fore. With our maximum outreach and frequent communications, we play a definite role in making diversity, equity and inclusion a relevant topic.