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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
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DEI – a definite marker of sustainable business practices.

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If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Workplaces globally have expressed renewed commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, principally associated with social and political inclinations, alongside increasing awareness around the significance of DEI from a moral and business standpoint. DEI in modern organizations translates into cultural belonging and inclusiveness, equitable access to development opportunities along all groups.

The overall delayed growth in diversity usually masks a passive polarization among organizations leading to little progress or even falling backward.  On the contrary, there are organizations making impressive gains in diversity, particularly in executive teams. These winners are adopting systematic, business-led approaches to inclusion and diversity.

We thrive for organizations with strong commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion. The aim is to have a constructive culture, where we nominate the principal leaders who can go on and create similar piece of connected community in the workplace. So, there are more talents who have an amplifying effect in the world and in the economy especially around DEI.

Charge Forward

We provide well-researched and practical solutions to embrace DEI into the organizational framework.

We ensure that it is organically embraced by the senior leaders and new hires. To ride the growth trajectory through DEI, we recognised certain time tested pathways – strategies that combine the aspirational vision of the leadership with the right metrics and processes to create change in a sustained and proactive way, rather than focusing on transient current events.

Nevertheless, DEI initiatives alone cannot increase representation, change behaviours or culture of the organization, or create real progress without support.

We play the role of authority on leadership and human capital by implementing a business oriented, data validated, and leadership driven approach to aid our clients use the powerful force of DEI that drives real growth.

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From Our Founder

Why DEI?

Effective DEI practices in the organization can reap statistically significant benefits for business. Implementation of diversity and inclusion practices has shown effectiveness beyond traditionally associated sectors like media etc, and can be used as a tool to all sectors. The benefits are multi-layered:

Organizations with a diverse and inclusive workplace report higher employee retention. When employees feel that their ideas, existence and contributions are correctly valued by their organization or higher leadership, they will eventually be more productive.

Organizations with best practices are significantly more likely to have financial returns above policies without DEI. More the diverse organization, have higher capability to win top talent and decision making, along with improved customer orientation and employee satisfaction – all that we thrive for increasing returns. Sexual orientation, age and experience on global and cultural behaviourism also give competitive advantage for organizations, which can attract and eventually retain such diverse talent.

From a business standpoint, inclusive companies are more likely to be innovation leaders and thus more likely to capture new markets. There are increasing expectations from leaders in corporate, government, and civic society to rethink the fundamental purpose of business – to contemplate economic value, and have sustainable impact on social issues. The influence of social media is adding a unique sense of intensity and urgency to it as well.

Leadership roles matter. Companies implementing DEI in terms of gender diversity on executive teams were more likely to outperform on profitability and hold higher possibility of value creation. The highest-performing organizations on profitability and diversity together had more women in typically revenue-generating roles than in staff roles on their executive teams.

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