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Environmental, Social, and Governance
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ESG practices, commitment to sustainability in business.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices have emerged from concept to commitment as part of the long-core purpose and business strategy. In recent years, it has got prominence simply because ESG indicates the right parameters to various stakeholders including investors, consumers, activists and promises more transparency in businesses. The mounting investor interest in ESG aspects echoes that environmental, social and corporate governance concerns – comprising risks and opportunities have a definite role in the long-term performance. Though the concept was there always one of the non-financial practices, now there is a need for a more concerted effort to implement and value the dedicated ESG measures.


Companies across sectors are creating teams with committed leaders who play a key role in breaking down silos to prioritize ESG for significant growth in their organizations. Straightway, there is no definite background or profile for ESG leaders, plus a linear career track is still not defined. However, the key skills of an ESG visionary must include the ability to engage key leaders, expertise at cross-organizational collaborations, and capability that spreads over and above functional silos.

The emerging concept of ESG needs understanding that will generate the right framework for ESG practices at your organization to drive a positive change. We aim to incorporate the ESG practice in an innovative approach in finding the best team of leaders for your organization, who can understand and communicate the shared value your company creates for a diverse set of stakeholders and partners. The successful recruitment of best ESG professionals presents new opportunities, reputational standpoints and desired return from sustainable innovations. 

We are experts in defining the career trajectory of ESG leadership which also includes the recognized components that many companies are finding necessary for the emerging ESG profession.

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