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Building a dynamic team with highly accountable individuals is at the crux of a sound GIC.

The nature and the role of GICs (Global Inhouse Centres) has undergone a sea of change in the last couple of years. Mainly seen as offshore delivery centres, generally engaged in IT or the F&A functions, about a decade ago, these setups are now playing a more active role in furthering the growth trajectory of large-scale global enterprises. GICs are looked upon as a powerhouse of talent that pump up innovation, technical prowess, research and development and many more solutions for the parent company.

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We help you find leaders who understand the dynamics of a remote business unit, with the ability to engage with a blended team, are independent and business-driven.

Our interaction with some of the veteran leaders in this arena leads us to certain traits and skills that make for a success story, requiring minimum intervention and longer-term associations.

  • These employees have the ability to align themselves into cross-cultural teams, with varied ethnicities, work ethics and appreciate flexible work structures.
  • They are able to handle multiple reporting structures and enable their teams for the same.
  • They are oriented towards learning and enhancing their skills to match that of the global business requirements.
  • Such leaders envision for the GIC to function in tandem with the parent enterprise and not merely as a support system.

Given this scenario, the nature of the talent pool has become more specific with GICs largely concentrating on specific skillsets and leaders who bring ownership and accountability to the table, among themselves and their teams.


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