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Roadmap to successful hiring for Promoter run organizations

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Despite few hindrances, companies with a greater influence of promoters often exhibit quicker decision-making and are often the best custodians of long term value creation.

In general, the transformation agenda in most promoter-driven organizations will never run the course of an established MNC, thus, facing several roadblocks preventing talents to take this transformation initiative. Such organizations with superior promoter control may show inconclusive records in attracting and retaining high-quality professionals from the outside. Nevertheless, professionals in these companies feel encouraged by the greater possibility to relate with businesses similar to that of the promoters’ expectations where loyalty and dependability play an essential role. The starting hustle to get accepted to the new system could soon transform into the excitement of almost becoming entrepreneurs in their own sense. However, there are certain best practices in attracting professionals to promoter run organizations.

  • Finding an inflexion point, when bringing in professionals from outside does not mean too much challenge for them
  • Complete clarity on promoters’ roles and expectations from the professional
  • Support/endorse decisions made by the professional reflected by the existence of a clear decision-making framework.

Rainmaker Talents understands that for promoter led organisations it is pivotal to realise what are the certain competencies that should be considered over and above the universal leadership competencies and help to close gaps in leadership roles in these organizations.

Charge Forward

Professionals working in highly structured work environments often crave for prospects that are more “entrepreneurial”, which is a sure hit to attract talents in promoter-driven organizations.

Primary virtues of a successful hire in these organizations are definitely willingness to experiment and take risks. Infact a promoter is capable to decide on people and create opportunities for even nonlinear and accelerated pathway, often missing in an MNC setup. Examples are fast moves across functions or higher chances of offering general management roles to a brilliant performer. Professionals, who are eager for a transformation and look for a long career and not just particular role that is in offer, are better suited for success. When for a professional, concept of stability merges with multiple years spent in a single organization, mixed with patience, high emotional intelligence and cultural acceptance for both the parties – creates the right parameters to be successful hire in a promoter lead company.


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