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The ones at the helm of decision-making are most often the ones causing disruption.

The pain of recruiting may become more brutal than the pain of fundraising!


One of the biggest challenges Startups face is attracting quality talent. The founders generally take everything on themselves from product development to sales and marketing. The focus remains on building a company, raising money, attracting investors, innovation, development of products/solutions, and a simultaneous urge for growing and scaling a team. It comes as a challenge to the founders to expand the team without losing the mojo that got them to build the startup in the first place. As the complexity of recruitment grows, hiring decisions can make or break an upcoming enterprise. There comes the aid in hand from experts like us in recruiting the best of the talent.

The major challenge of recruiting for new ventures is that when they need forward-thinking and leadership-oriented talent to grow the business, they must compete for the desired talent with recognized brands.

With our knowledge bank of market intelligence, many organisations have overcome the hiccups of-

  • Being unable to match the salaries,
  • Benefits or brand recognition of established organizations.
  • Reluctance in top talents to seek out opportunities with a new venture.
  • An unstructured environment without institutional support.

We help upcoming institutions bridge this gap by showcasing the several significant areas that exist where startups are clear winners and can be a preferred choice than the industry leaders in the war for talent.

Charge Forward

Having explicit access to the founders’ vision and leadership can be a substantial feature to attract talent.

We help communicate the right message around the founders, investors and the business opportunity space that resonates the right opportunity to a set of ambitious, passionate and highly driven candidates.

We highlight win-win points such as freedom, flexibility and rapid growth opportunity that larger organizations are unable to attain due to the pre-existing traditional structured workflow. Keeping in mind that startups are not at all typically 9-to-5 operations – this can be an asset to the talents seeking multifunctional roles.

The cry for lesser compensation in cash and more in stocks as offered by the new ventures need to be communicated rightly to the interested talents. Nevertheless, the first five hires are often picked by themselves but in getting from 5 to 50, time tested analytics and a systematic approach can help to achieve the goals. In no time, startup hiring can be as lucrative as established companies with the right experience, knowledge and network of contacts.

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