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Rainmaker Talents – Industries

The wide panorama of the sectors and sub-sectors in various industries requires a deep dive in order to cater to the hiring requirements. There is no one- size- fits- all solution and therefore, our consultants take a specialized approach to handling leadership mandates. This has equipped them to build their network, identify the practical details, and study trends, in order to give expert industry-relevant solutions.

RM Industrial


The Industrial sector requires leaders who are dynamic, technologically- inclined and accepting of the change.  Read more.

RainmakerTechnology digital

Technology & Digital

Connect with us to fulfil your leadership manpower requirements in IT Consulting, Start-Ups    Read more. 

RM Consumer retail

Consumer, Retail, Media 

Urbanisation, the rise in digital marketing efforts, E-Commerce has created an eco-system where the retail industry  Read more.

RM Pharma

Pharma & Lifesciences

With our years of experience in working with this ever-expanding sector, we at Rainmaker Talents have gathered… Read more.

RM Banking financial

Financial Services

Finance and Allied services are constantly evolving with new emerging products and enterprises…  Read more.

RM Real estate

Real Estate

The various functions in the real estate industry require specialists with rigour, grit and a drive to grow…  Read more.

RM Supply chain

Supply Chain & Distribution

Warehousing, Logistics and Supply Chain has boomed and so has the approach of leadership positions in this sector…  Read more.

education & govt

Education, Government & NGOs

The education sector has undergone a wave of change in the recent past. With increasing competition, institutions are looking at the best new talent for heading them… Read more.

RM professional services

Professional Services

Niche Services firms find it difficult to attract and identify the best talent in their space…  Read more.

private equity

Private Equity

Firms in the Private Equity space particularly seek out specialists with an eye for the right understanding of the sectoral functioning and trends. …  Read more.

RM Private Equity

VCs and disruptive innovaters

Identifying strategic positions and even inventing new organisational structures for Start Ups and small business takes precedence … Read more.

Rainmaker Talents – Functions

Whether it is a highly specialized role or a cross-functional role, the needs of each organization differ based on the hierarchy and sentiments existing in the firm. The dynamics of these cross-functional operations are the essential fuel that leads an enterprise to greater levels, to perform at its optimum level. Our consultants do a cross-functional analysis in order to find a leader who fits perfectly in the overall organizational framework, leading to a long-term hire. 



Whether it is a new hire, business expansion, or succession planning, our thorough Search protocol and process keeps us in sync with the organisational needs …  Read more.



Good financial leaders enable orgorganizations tread on the trajectory of growth. The consultation value of these leaders is high …  Read more.

RM digital tech officers

Digital & Technology officers

Hiring senior leaders with digital transformation skills is the need of the hour. A gap in the digital footprint of a company can pose challenges in branding …  Read more.

RM diversity

Diversity, Equity & inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion make the employees feel equal in all ways regardless of which department, level, or sector they are in …  Read more.

RM environment small


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices have taken the forefront in recent years with companies looking for sustainable business solutions. …  Read more.

RM human resources1

Human Resources

The Human Resources function has the ability to take the organisation to the next level, with senior leaders in this function often determining communication patterns …  Read more.

RM Marketing

Marketing, Sales & Strategy 

In an ever-expanding commercial world, the placement of the brand, sharing of organizational news and even sales pitches need to be reviewed and reworked at every step …  Read more.

RM Legal Risk

Legal, Compliance & Govt

Having a strong Legal and Compliance team ensures the organization’s ability to sustain itself. This long-term vision creates a foolproof system for companies . …  Read more.

Supply chain1

Supply Chain & Operations

Hiring senior leaders with digital transformation skills is the need of the hour. A gap in the digital footprint of a company can pose challenges in branding …  Read more.

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