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We are Rainmaker Talents – Executive Search and Leadership Hiring Partner.

We at Rainmaker Talents attempt to help you gain access to emerging trends in the leadership hiring space, help you delve deeper into the growth aspects of your company and assess the gaps to provide sustainable solutions.

In today’s dynamic world finding lasting solutions across functions becomes a challenge. Today Organisations want to look at creative solutions. Given this scenario, finding leaders with an out-of-the-box attitude, curiosity, resilience and adaptability have come to the forefront.

With this background, it also becomes imperative to deeply engage with potential candidates and look beyond resumes as these reflect their capabilities in the past and often not their potential in the current, transformational scenario.

Our Services

We take a holistic approach to leadership hiring. We provide services that will ensure that you get insights into the market scenario to make your hiring process smooth and thorough.

Rainmakertalents executive search

Executive Search and Leadership Hiring

Whether it is a new hire, business expansion, or succession planning, our thorough search protocol and process keeps us in sync with the organisational needs and goals. We help enterprises fill that quintessential role. Read more…

Rainmaker talents professional recruitment

Professional Recruitment

Our professional recruiters are attuned to finding the best hire by carefully vetting resumes that are well-suited to the specified job roles.  Read more…


RM Market mapping

Talent Mapping and Insights

The right fuel of data- analytics will ensure a smooth run for your organization. Our clients have benefitted from the insights that we provide as an integral part of our Executive Search process or as special services. Read more…

RM assessments

Executive Assessments

Partner with us to implement time-tested and reliable assessment tools to get your HR requirements right each and every time. Rainmaker Talents has a basket of certified Assessment tools that can back you up in making the right HR decisions. Read more…

Our Senior Search Partners are Competency Behavioural Interviews Certified.

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Our in-depth knowledge, and operational and search experience enable us to deliver the highest calibre of advice and service to our clients in the industries we serve.


Years of executive search experience and being constantly abreast with the market trends makes us the leaders. Our vast expanse of knowledge gives us the edge in handling executive search across sectors, irrespective of the geographical location and size of the company.

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